McGraw Hill Medical

Case overview

The Keshri Group partnered with Dr. Anthony Slonim and Dr. Alexander Levitov to develop and publish the Oncology treatment section of Point of Care Medicine, a comprehensive medical reference book that delivers the most patient-care information in the least amount of words possible. The Keshri Group’s team of experienced editors, writers, and designers worked closely with the authors to create a concise, evidence-based, and easy-to-understand resource for healthcare professionals managing hospitalized adult patients with cancer.

The Brief

The primary objectives for the Oncology treatment section were to:

  • Provide a concise and comprehensive overview of oncology treatment for hospitalized adult patients.

  • Present evidence-based information in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

  • Serve as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals making critical treatment decisions.

Our Approach

The Keshri Group took a collaborative and hands-on approach, working closely with the authors throughout the development and publishing process. The team leveraged its expertise in medical writing, editing, and design to create a high-quality resource that met the specific needs of the target audience.

The Results

The Keshri Group’s efforts resulted in the publication of a highly regarded and widely used Oncology treatment section. The section has been praised for its concise, evidence-based, and user-friendly presentation of complex medical information. Additionally, the section has been instrumental in helping healthcare professionals make informed treatment decisions for their oncology patients.