Dr. Luis Taveras, SVP and CIO

Case overview

Dr. Luis E. Taveras, a renowned healthcare technology and leadership expert, sought to share his insights and experiences through a comprehensive book that captures his life’s work. To achieve this goal, he partnered with The Keshri Group.

The Brief

Dr. Taveras’s primary objectives were to:

  • Publish a high-quality book that captures his expertise and experiences in healthcare technology and leadership.

  • Establish himself as a thought leader in the healthcare industry by sharing his insights and perspectives through his book and speaking engagements.

  • Promote the book effectively to reach a wide audience of healthcare professionals and industry leaders.

Our Approach

The Keshri Group took a hands-on and collaborative approach, working closely with Dr. Taveras throughout the entire book publishing process. The team tailored its strategies to align with Dr. Taveras’s goals, target audience, and the unique nature of the healthcare industry.

The Results

The Keshri Group’s efforts resulted in significant success for Dr. Taveras’s book, including:

  • Critical Acclaim: The book received positive reviews from industry experts and publications, recognizing its valuable insights and practical guidance.

  • Thought Leadership Recognition: Dr. Taveras’s position as a thought leader in healthcare technology and leadership was solidified through the book’s success and positive reception.

  • Increased Brand Awareness: Dr. Taveras’s brand visibility and reputation as an expert were significantly enhanced, expanding his reach and influence within the industry.

  • Speaking Opportunities: Dr. Taveras secured numerous speaking engagements at industry conferences and events, further establishing his thought leadership and promoting the book.


Amazon Best-Seller for Healthcare Adminsitration


Increase in Speaking Events


Copies Sold (Print, Digital, Audio)