Dr. Sarah Washington O’ Neal Rush

Case overview

The Keshri Group partnered with Dr. Sarah Washington O’Neal Rush, a remarkable individual and great-granddaughter of the renowned Booker T. Washington, to publish her transformative book, “The Excellence Blueprint: Being, Growing, Leading, Soaring”. The book provides a comprehensive guide to personal and professional growth, drawing from Dr. Rush’s expertise in education, organizational leadership, mental health, and the nonprofit sector. The Keshri Group’s team provided a range of services to support the book’s publication and marketing, including content creation, social media marketing, and outreach for speaking engagements.

The Brief

The primary objectives for the publication and marketing of “The Excellence Blueprint” were to:

  • Increase awareness of the book and its author.

  • Generate positive reviews and media coverage.

  • Drive sales of the book.

  • Establish Dr. Rush as a thought leader in the field of personal and professional development.

The Results

The Keshri Group’s efforts resulted in significant success for ‘The Excellence Blueprint’:

Increased awareness: The book received positive reviews from critics and readers, and it was featured in several media outlets.

Establishing thought leadership: Dr. Rush established herself as a thought leader with a distinct voice in the field of personal and professional development, and she was invited to speak at several conferences and events.

Media coverage: The book’s unique connection to Dr. Rush’s lineage as the great-granddaughter of renowned Booker T. Washington garnered significant interest and media attention, further boosting the book’s visibility and marketability.