TAARA Medical Scrubs

Case overview

The Keshri Group was tasked with launching and growing TAARA, a new brand of designer scrubs for healthcare professionals. The goal was to establish TAARA as a leading provider of high-quality, fashion-forward scrubs that would help healthcare workers look and feel their best while meeting the increasing demands of their jobs.

The Brief

The primary objectives for the launch and growth of TAARA were to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Establish TAARA as a leading provider of designer scrubs for healthcare professionals

Our Approach

The Keshri Group took a personalized and hands-on approach backed by data to launch and grow TAARA. The team conducted thorough market research to understand the brand’s target audience and its needs and preferences, and used this information to develop a specialized marketing strategy. Additionally, the team worked closely with the TAARA team to ensure that all marketing materials and messaging were consistent with the brand’s voice and value proposition.

The Results

The Keshri Group’s efforts resulted in significant success for TAARA:

Increased brand awareness: TAARA quickly gained awareness among healthcare professionals, with a significant increase in social media followers and website traffic.

Strong sales: TAARA achieved remarkable sales growth, with a rapid increase in online and in-store purchases.

Thought leadership: TAARA established itself as a thought leader in the healthcare apparel industry for its innovative scrubs, with placements in industry publications and invitations to speak at conferences.


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in e-Commerce Sales


Increase in Social Media Engagement