Johnson & Johnson

Case overview

Johnson & Johnson, a global leader in healthcare, sought to expand the reach and impact of its CaringCrowd® platform, a digital initiative that connects individuals and organizations with healthcare projects in underserved communities. To achieve this goal, Johnson & Johnson partnered with  The Keshri Group.

The Brief

Johnson & Johnson tasked The Keshri Group with increasing awareness of the CaringCrowd® platform and driving engagement with the initiative. The goal was to expand the platform’s reach, attract new donors, and ultimately make a positive impact on global public health.

Our Approach

The Keshri team developed a multi-pronged approach that leveraged its expertise in content creation, digital marketing, and public relations. The agency worked closely with the Johnson & Johnson team to understand the CaringCrowd® platform’s objectives and target audience.

The Results

The Keshri Group’s efforts resulted in a significant increase in awareness and engagement with the CaringCrowd® platform. The platform’s website traffic grew by 200%, and the number of active donors increased by 30%. Additionally, the platform raised over $1 million in donations.


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Active Donors


Donations on the Website (USD)