January 12, 2022

How to Lead a High Performance Organization, with Dr. Luis Taveras, Author of The 90 Day CIO

Recognized as a top 30 healthcare CIO in the US and an advisor for the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Luis E. Taveras is a healthcare technology, leadership, and high-performing organizations expert. He has a proven track record in esteemed senior roles at major healthcare organizations including serving as CTO of a $1.5 billion operation with 8 hospitals, SVP and CIO at Barnabas Health, Senior Partner at Accenture, and CIO for the City of Buffalo. Moreover, he holds a PhD from the University of Sarasota, MBA from Rutgers, and BSc from Wesleyan University. 

At the core of his leadership philosophy, Dr. Taveras successfully balances family and professional commitments. He has been married for 32 years and has three adult children. As a token of his incredible journey, The Keshri Group helped Dr. Taveras publish his life’s work in his newest book, The 90 Day CIO.