October 8, 2020

Growing E-Commerce and Working with Mark Cuban Featuring Nic Lamb, Founder of IceBeanie

Nic Lamb is a Professional Big Wave Surfer, Entrepreneur, and founder of IceBeanie.

Starting with just $10,000, Nic cracked a deal with Marc Cuban on Shark Tank and now runs a successful business selling cold-compression beanies that cure migraines. 

In this episode Nic discuss how Nic came up with the idea of his now 7-figure business, his experience on and after Shark Tank, his plans to go international, his marketing secrets behind the success of the company, and his franchise-style business model that allows him to work “on the business, not in the business.”

This episode gives invaluable insights to entrepreneurs who are starting out with one-of-a-kind products as Nic takes you through his plans of continually innovating and growing his business.